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generations of health and wellness

Valley Natural Health Products in the heart of downtown Langley has been operating in its location for over 40 years! We carry supplements, protein powders, every day care essentials, dry goods (beans, gluten free flours, spices and teas etc.) and a wide selection of over 70 medicinal herbs.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of the founder Mrs. Florence Hogg and her son George who opened one of the first bona fide natural food stores in 1964. Florence was a long time Langley resident who won the CHFA’s woman of the year in 1989. In 1985 manager/owner Dennis Debb also followed Florence’s passion of providing health and wellness to the community. After building and adding to the stores many relationships, with many loyal customers Dennis retired and sold the business June 2003 to Li Ping who is honored to carry on the tradition. 


Thank you to all our current customers. We also hope to be of help to new customers and the new generations who seek nutritional knowledge.

-Li Ping


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